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Pulsar Card ELITE - Redefining Smart Cards

NFC Contact Sharing, Location Tracking, Luxurious Smart Card
Elevate your connectivity with Pulsar Card ELITE! Its ultra-slim design ensures portability, while Location tracking provides peace of mind. NFC contact sharing streamlines networking, and the distinctive alert sound swiftly locates misplaced items. With a two-year battery life, water-resistant, and durable design, it's a stylish and reliable companion. Experience smart livingā€”upgrade to Pulsar Card ELITE now!

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Pulsar Cards - Smart NFC Business Card

Pulsar Card PRIME - Contact Sharing Simplified

Smart NFC Business Card for New Digital Age
Simply tap your Pulsar Card on an NFC-enabled smartphone to effortlessly share business details, no extra app needed. Customize your Pulsar Card with your unique business design and information. Additionally, Pulsar Card creates a profile where you can seamlessly update integrated information.
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Holostick rgb led light painting tool

Holostick - The Ultimate light painting tool

Making light painting pictures more incredible than ever before.
Display your own patters/images through Micro SD card, Convert your image to 24-bit BMP format and setup long exposure on your DSLR, thats all you need! Each LED in our holostick which displays your creation acts like a pixel which when combined forms an image along the path.

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Glaze OS Android AOSP

Glaze OS

Free, Open-source firmware based on Android.
Glaze OS is a free, open-source, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. It offers features not found in the official Android based firmwares of vendors.
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IT Startup in India


Complete Business starter bundle for india.
Paginaweb providing you with comprehensive business strategies, building a bridge between you and your customers.
Web development

Having a website is like opening a door and inviting potential customers into your business. It expands your reach, gets you be in business 24X7.


A visually well designed business attracts more consumers. It helps your service shine out. Increase your visibility and help you ace your target.

Product shoot

When your hardwork is captured in perfect shots, you will appear more confident in your business and have a upper hand amongst your competitors.

App Development

Get your business on Android, increase your visibily, accessibility self through connect with on-the-go consumers be ahead.


Increase sales, spread awareness, develop trust amongst consumers, build a social assest. All in all, it help you build a powerful brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase visibility of your business in the search engine, ultimately increasing awareness and sales.

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3D Printing in India

3D Printing Service in India

Budget friendly on-demand 3D Printing Service.
We provide best quality 3D Printing Service online, based in Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Gujarat. Buy 3D Printers & Filaments at your fingertips.
Now you can turn your ideas into reality in low cost. Upload your object files and define your printing configuration easily with our platform and find 3D Printed models at your doorsteps.
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Home Automation Solutions in India

Home Automation Solutions for India

Make your own Home Automation kit for your place.
Now you can get Home Automation solutions as per your actual requirements with our help. We use Open-source Hardwares and Softwares of embedded systems and our 3D Printing Services to make your on-demand Home Automation kit. Let's fulfill the idea of your perfect home.

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